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Farming for the future.

We believe in creating productive public spaces accessible to all, where a sustainable future isn't just an idea, it's a tangible thing that volunteers can feel between their fingers, that students can taste in the lunchroom, that the community can see everyday on their way to work.

Our work is investing in our own future by demonstrating how food can be grown in urban settings using hands-on, state-of-the-art techniques year-round.

Come visit us and see what's possible.

We have events coming up every Tuesday from 5pm-7pm.


Upcoming Event:
Paver Stone Painting: March 1, 2022

We'll provide stencils, paint, paintbrushes! Come leave your mark on the greenhouse and help decorate our space!  SIGN UP TO ATTEND!

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Proud recipient of a UDSA Farm to School Grant.

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